WORKSPACE | a glimpse into my life

I just thought it would be fun to share with you guys what my workspace is looking like right now! I would LOVE a bigger desk but for now I at least have a space in my home where I can work. 

I've put a lot of effort into curating the art in my space, so I figured I'd list them here: 

-The precious sunny print is called "Bad Hair Day". It's a gift from a friend, bought from Society6. Find something similar here!
-The gorgeous photo of me & hubs from ALLEEJ photo! 
-The tiny little marsh scene from Meredith Piper!
-The beautiful lettering was bespoke, from Taylor Malia!
-The wall grid & pencil cup from Target! 
-The copper dish is vintage!
-The "TODAY" pad from Smitten on Paper!
-The coasters from our honeymoon in Mexico!
-Bridal portraits from Katie Rivera Photo!
-Floral illustrations from Design Jamboree!
-(Yep, there is actually a tag still on my desk... oops.)

I think it matters a LOT what surrounds you while you work! I love my time at the coffee shop, but it's important to have a curated, inspiring space.

Kimberly Robles