REIMER FARMS | West Texas local produce garden

Reimer Farms has had a big impact on my life this year, so this session was really sweet. (and so were the tomatoes!) The Reimer Farms crew (Henry, Lisa, Cynthia & the boys) have been gardening produce to feed family & friends, and eventually decided to expand their operation and begin selling locally. Their produce is transitional (in process of becoming certified organic) and delicious.
There's just something so sweet about being in the garden, getting your hands dirty, and cooking with veggies that you picked yourself! I think it's an experience everyone needs to have. To be able to ask questions and learn while experiencing things hands-on is always so fun. I was absolutely amazed and inspired by the intricate detail in every single variety of fruit & vegetable in the garden. The colors, textures, smells, sounds.. it honestly feels like being immersed in some kind of living work of art. 
Also, Cynthia makes picking vegetables look so graceful and effortless.. coffee in hand & all. I aspire to be as effortlessly stunning as her.
It's such a gift to be able to use photography as a tool to help others, but also as an avenue to take me into places I might not have been able to experience, and to be able to absorb and reflect on my experiences in a completely unique way. I LOVE MY JOB.

Head to the Lubbock downtown farmer's market this (and every) Saturday and get you some of these freakin awesome veggies!