The Rebrand

Hey friend!

I wanted to write a little bit about my rebrand. 

For so long, I have wanted to be that dark, moody artist. (you know, the really cool ones who are unapologetically awesome and edgy, and show up to weddings in leather jackets and have tattoos?) I am an artist and I feel and think about things very deeply, and I'm always attracted to that dark, gritty style. So, I thought that's what I wanted my photography to look like! In the 4 years that I've had this business, I've been through probably 10 different editing phases, and have never been quite satisfied.
It's so easy to look at what someone else is doing.. their highlight reel; their "featured in" badges; their Instagram stories, their 6-figure weddings (and salaries!).. and jump on the comparison train. It truly is the thief of joy... and individuality, and contentment, and the ability to see the truth. 

When I decided to rebrand, and began to think through all of the decisions I needed to make, this is where I landed:
I am not a brooding, moody artist. (Well, okay, sometimes I am.) More often then not, even in my deep emotional moments, I am full of joy! It's a fruit of the Spirit of Jesus in me. It's the way I'm made! I am upbeat & cheerful. The experience my clients have with me doesn't really match this deep, brooding tone that I had been telling myself to strive for... and that's okay! 

I love everything modern with an edge. I love the quirky things. I love the moments on a wedding day that everyone laughs at or cries about. I love the things that make YOU unapologetically YOU.
I want, more than anything, to represent the hearts and emotions of the people in front of my camera. But I want to do that in a creative, out-of-the-box way. I want to take the brave shots; the non-traditional ones; the emotional ones. I want to design the funky invitations that make my client's guests do a double-take (and smile. and come to the wedding.) I want the product I give each client to be unique and individual, just like they are.

So, based on the things I love and who I am, I've chosen to style greenhouse creative in a modern, quirky way. You might find my brand colors in a neon sign downtown, or in a greenhouse, or at a wedding. The abstract shapes and patterns are meant to be inviting and quirky, and sometimes maybe even occasionally silly (because ultimately at the heart of this brand is me! And that's who I really am.)

This site will likely not look like any other photographer's or graphic designer's, and that's a good thing! So I hope you enjoy looking around my site.. and ultimately I hope you see my heart, and the hearts of those I get to photograph. 

Kimberly Robles